Better Than a Home-Based Business

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Just another work day

Although I don’t actually live on the beach, I always think of my business as a beach-based business. It’s inspiring to know that on any given day, my office is wherever I am in the world. It’s not that I don’t love working at home because I do.  I’m at home right now with only a swimming pool to see while I work.

But when I’m at the beach working on work, I’m even more thankful to have a business of my own.  Having a “home-based business” is great because of tax breaks, time freedom, being your own boss and all of the other things people say that are attractive and true.  If you’ve been thinking about working from home, starting an online business like I did, I have some advice for you…

Find Something You Enjoy Doing That Can Be Turned Into an Online Business

Do you like coaching and consultation? It’s an exciting time to become an online trainer, teaching others across the globe via the internet.  Maybe you love to write.  The selling of eBooks has increased in 2016 and are so popular that writers can self-publish online and sell faster than ever before.

You can even make money writing product reviews about all the things you love, adding your affiliate link so that when people click and buy, you make a commission.  If photography is your passion, there are websites that will partner with you to sell your photos and much more.

But whatever you choose to do and share online to sell, now is the time to do it.  Even if you’re very happy with a great career, adding an extra source of income from a hobby could spark the entrepreneur spirit in you.  Who knows?  You might decide to retire early!


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