Video Marketing

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Probably no other marketing vehicle out there is as powerful as video marketing. Are you sending video emails? How about a video channel – do you have one? And are you doing webinars, recording them and sending them out to your list?

If not, let me encourage you with the fact that your first video is the hardest – not because of technical barriers but because of imaginary technical barriers.

But now there are many video platforms designed with the solo entrepreneur in mind.  For example, my video talk studio is on a video platform that is similar to a YouTube channel.  There are a lot of platforms out there now that make video marketing much simpler.

Almost every form of marketing now includes video.  Why?  Well, for one reason – video marketing is memorable.  What do you remember more – a TV commercial or a magazine ad?  It’s the same online.  Text and images can be very powerful but the most effective marketing includes video.   Whatever your niche, video marketing is by far the very best way to market your services and products.

Not too long ago, producing professional videos was cost prohibitive for small business owners and hosting them on your own channel was even more expensive. Video equipment was costly and often it was necessary to build a studio for quality audio/visual effects. Not so any more. You can begin with a flip camera, a telescoping extension and walk around filming all by yourself as if you have a studio crew.

If you need help setting up with video marketing campaigns using video channels, video email, web shows, and much more you can apply by simply filling out the form here at MyVideoTalk application page.

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