Video Marketing: Create Your Own Commercial

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Since we were children, the lesson we learned subliminally from Hollywood is that a one minute movie trailer can create millions of dollars in sales.

And they do it with just a few clips of film, the right music and a little voice over text in big letters.  The movie industry knows that spending a lot of advertising money on brand recognition of their studio company name won’t bring in an audience.

Two Things About The Art of Promotion:

  1. It isn’t about brand recognition.
  2. It’s all about the next “Coming Attraction!”

The first step in creating your own commercial is getting familiar with video software programs.  I like Animoto and Camtasia.  But there are many more! (see video below)  Adopt the mindset of a movie director and write down 3 spectacular benefits of what you want to promote.  After you have a draft of the text you want to use, you’re done with the hardest part of promotional marketing.  The rest is simply tapping into your creativity using software to provide the spectacular!

Your Next Video Marketing Campaign

Your next video marketing project can be a powerful 30 seconds and you don’t even have to be the movie star.  Remember, if you are in the commercial that’s extremely powerful in turning much of your cold market into your warm market.  But be sure you focus on the coming attraction in everything you say.  Great movie trailers and great commercials are all about a promise of something great.  Here’s one of my sales video’s I promoted to sell one of my eBooks…


Add a few photo’s and a little music from YouTube to create an uplifting feeling, and voila – your own comercial.  A commercial doesn’t focus on you or on who made the product, who produced the movie, etc.

What would you like to sell next?  Would it be a free report for the price of lots of names and email addresses?  Or maybe your front end low-cost eBook?  Maybe what you are promoting right now is an affiliate product.  Whatever it is, make it your next coming attraction!  And if you need any help, remember that you can sign-up for customized coaching here!  

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