Short Internet Marketing Training Videos Put An End To Overwhelm

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So many internet marketing courses spend hours on giving the student an enormous amount of information before giving them anything to actually do.

The very best way to learn internet marketing fast is with video tutorials that are designed to take the student from basic level to advanced level click-by-click because theory without practice is overwhelming.

The internet marketing training videos inside the coaching club here are very short, step-by-step, click-by-click instruction.   For example, the student will practice advanced search engine optimization (SEO) long before understanding it.  The idea is to quickly add small steps of success first.

Building confidence on quick success makes learning theory a lot more fun.  That’s exactly how I learned to play golf.  It’s also how I learned to take someone’s blood pressure.  Watching how something is done and then doing it isn’t overwhelming at all.  It’s low pressure, very effective and efficient.  It’s what we know as mentoring.

Being someone’s apprentice has a calming effect.  Here’s an example of accelerated training. You won’t become overwhelmed and yet note how fast you can accomplish advanced internet marketing skills by following along, step-by-step.  Watch  “Fancy” Email Marketing :]

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Not a lot of theory in the above advanced 4 minute training video. Don’t get me wrong – I love theory.  All professional practice should have a theoretical framework.  But theory without practice is so hard to understand.  It’s like coaching vs. consulting.  When a consultant is hired, it’s to get fast results from step-by-step help.  The consultant demonstrates what to do first, second and third.

When a coach is hired, fast results are also expected.  Coaching is long term and much more effective but the best coaches don’t start with theory.  They begin with practice, practice, practice of the fundamentals.  Then they add theory and leadership.

The coaching club here is the same – first the FUN-damentals with quick success, then theory and leadership.  Short internet marketing training videos cover the FUN-damentals.  What’s amazing is how fast the student accelerates into practicing advanced skills because of click-by-click instruction.

Success is fun and quickly stirs up the motivation to learn more about the theory behind what works and what doesn’t.  Start practicing internet marketing today.  Click ==> internet marketing training videos and put an end to overwhelm!

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