“The Thank You Economy”

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If you’re still building your business the traditional way online and with TV commercials, newspaper ads, and so on, expecting to reach people like me, you won’t.  If you think baby boomers are still responding to traditional advertising, we’re not.

It’s not your fault that you’re not listening.  It’s hard to believe that the new way to market successfully is by listening on social media.  But here’s what rings true when you think about it…

If you’re not finding out what your consumers are saying on social media, then you’re not listening.  If you’re not listening, you can’t say “thank you for your business” in an effective way.

The Thank You Economy is the next book I will buy.  And the reason I want it is because, today I watched the author present social media marketing training on YouTube for free.  I was glued to his talk for a full hour.  Saying “thank you for your business” has a whole new meaning to me now.

Here’s an example of saying thank you for your business in the new economy.  The author, Gary Vaynerchuk, follows his wine customers on Twitter.  He discovered that one of his best customers who spends $1000s buying wine from him was a huge Bears fan and loves Jay Cutler (at a time when so many did not.)   So Vaynerchuk sent a thank you in real time – Vaynerchuk made sure his wine business found a signed Jay Cutler jersey FAST on eBay and sent it to his customer to say thank you for his business.

The ability to listen and connect with customers and turn them into life time raving fans has never been this easy in the history of mankind.  But lucky for those of us in business, hardly anyone is doing it.  If we start now, the impact will be phenomenal.  If we wait, it will be like free shipping.  Huge impact and very memorable in the late 90’s but now, not so much.

Building a successful business has always been about  knowing who your customers really are and connecting with them.  Big business spends millions on surveys to find out more about their ideal consumer and yet it’s all over the internet for free.

Vaynerchuk says social media is a gold mine and that right now it’s the golden era for having a 1:1 IMPACT on consumers.  But not for long because in the near future, every business will be listening to consumers on social media.  By then, it will be too late.  The impact that your business can have now won’t be as outstanding later.

There’s no way I can do Vaynerchuk’s video presentation justice.  I could write tons more.  But here it is…  I plan to STOP traditional “push” marketing.  I’m going to start listening so that I can give real thank you’s.  Watch this and I’m certain that you will too.

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