7 Terri-fic Tips & Tools to SiMPLiFY Your Workdays!

I’m so excited to share with you my 7 Terri-fic Tips & Tools to help you grow your business.

Whether your business is just getting started online or you want to streamline your marketing strategies, I’d love to help!

Here are my top 7 tips and tools that I use almost every day.  I use many of these resources daily on auto-pilot!  The magic of automation still thrills me.

When my business grows while I’m on vacation I’m totally amazed at the technology of today.

NOTE:  ALL of these marketing resources are GREAT but if you only pick one, I HIGHLY recommend THE FIRST ONE (22Social)




The #1 resource that I recommend is 22Social.  It’s an app that installs into the most powerful social media marketing platform on the planet – Facebook!  22Social is so powerful yet super easy to install and use.  Most marketers do not even know about it… yet!  

Because it is so remarkable, 22Social won’t be a secret for very long.  It essentially turns your Facebook business page into an entire website.  

I used to recommend to new business owners that their first step in online marketing was to create a website.  I no longer teach that because of Facebook and 22Social.  

Watch the overview video and prepare to be blown away!


Use great images in everything you create online.  Brand them with your logo and your personal flare for business.    Some are free or at least very affordable and worth it.  Be sure to use only images that are licensed to you or that you have permission to use.

  • I can highly recommend Canva.com and Adobe Stock.  I love using these two sites to buy and brand great images that are easy to edit and make uniquely yours.  And if you’re a photographer… even better!


One of the most powerful things you can do in marketing your business online is to learn video marketing.  To do that you need an easy-to-use video editor.

  • Camtasia is excellent and comes with great video tutorials.  Well done videos will put your online marketing way ahead, especially in social media websites.  Even Facebook ads cost less if they include video.
  • I also like Animoto for beginners.  It’s free and very easy to use your own photos to create professional looking videos in minutes.



When I learned the mechanics of automated email marketing I was so excited!  It worked like magic!  I had finally figured out how to put a sign-up form on my website.  I was so proud of the words “Sign up for my free newsletter!” that I kept signing up on my own form just to see if it really worked :)


There are many website developers that you can hire to create a website for you for a pretty hefty price.  Once upon a time not too long ago, that’s the only choice we had.  But now you really can build a website with a blog that feels like your very own creation.  There are fabulous free video tutorials on YouTube that make it easy and fun.  I hope you will give it a try if you haven’t already.

  • I can’t say enough about how thrilled I am to recommend WordPress.  Be sure to use WordPress.org not WordPress.com.
  • What Theme to use is a different story.  Some are awful.  The two that I can highly recommend are Optimizepress for $97 that you can use to build up to 3 websites and Pinnacle (free) and beautiful.


I always recommend that marketing your business is best done by you.  So many entrepreneurs outsource so much of their marketing that it’s easy to wind up with a brand that’s not really the soul of your business.  But of course you can’t do it all.  Wisdom is knowing when and what to delegate is key.  So when you delegate, there are many great freelance services available for whatever you need.

  • I recommend that you start with Fiverr because no job is too small to outsource to the many capable people you can find there.  Creative people there bid on your job for as low as $5 and you pick the freelance service provider you like best.  Prices are very reasonable and the turn around time is quick.

#7 The Best LIST-BUILDING Resource

and more!

You can grow your email list of loyal subscribers and much more with this  fantastic resource.  It’s one of my very favorite tools called LeadPages.

You can create wonderful landing pages.  With so many templates to choose from, LeadPages makes it simple and easy to add lead capture pages, webinar sign-up pages and even sales pages.  Each page you create can stand alone with your own secure https link or you can add them as a new page to your website.  You can even put them on your Facebook Business Page as an app.


Thank you so much for signing-up for Terri-fic Tips & Tools! 

Decide today which resource you want to work on first and let me know…  I can help!  

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