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How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog From Social Media


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Without social engagement on your blog, your Facebook page, your YouTube channel, etc. it’s very unlikely that very many people will ever see your work.  To get that to happen, you need a syndication plan.

Because content syndication provided by real people WILL maximize your blog’s visibility, your Facebook page visibility, your YouTube channel, your Pinterest repins, your Twitter retweets plus a lot more. But how do you make that happen?  Sign up above and study your syndication blueprint.  Then reply to my emails with your questions and comments and I’ll be glad to help you give your web content a jump start with “synnd” syndication.  

What Is “Synnd” Syndication?

Synnd is software created by Social Media Science that real people use to syndicate your web content using social media.  And social media optimization brings in traffic, even if your website or blog is brand new.

What Is Social Media Optimization?

Social media optimization is what many people call the second generation of search engine optimization.(SEO 2.0)  Think of first generation SEO as SEO 1.0 which is a technical way of getting search engine attention, i.e. optimizing your blog or website.  SEO 2.0 is not technical – it’s social.

For example, Google’s robots now look for social proof that your blog content is good enough to put on page one of search results.  If your blog post doesn’t have any Facebook likes, tweets, comments, etc. then now-a-days you probably won’t get page one visibility on Google, even if you have excellent technical SEO.

Blog Comments

One of the coolest new synnd features is a blog commenting social media campaign.  After you install the plugin, it’s very easy to start getting comments right away.  You have to be a member of the synnd community to use it.  Setting up a commenting campaign takes maybe 60 seconds.  Before the day is over, you will have quality comments on your blog posts made by real people – not by the synnd software, but by real people.

The quality control with synnd is so good now that each comment offers insightful feedback on my posts, adding quality content to my blog.  I think that’s why one of my recent blog posts is already on page one of Google for the keyword phrase, “struggling online.”

All of us want to increase the number of comments on our blog. We want interaction with our subscribers.  We want feedback.  When using synnd’s blog commenting feature for just 5 comments, it actually puts out the welcome mat for other readers to add their comments.

Synnd’s comment feature can prime the pump, so-to-speak. If you have a few comments on your post soon after it’s published, it’s an incredibly powerful stimulus for your other subscribers to add their comments as well.

Synnd has been around for quite a while and has a social network of 1000’s of business professionals who syndicate each others web content.  Watch the video on this page ==>> Synnd.  Oh – and please leave a little feedback for me in the comment section below :)  I’ve been a member of the synnd network for a few years so you can also add your questions below in the comment section and I will quickly get back to you.  Let me hear from you by adding your thoughts in the comment section below!

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