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I’m reading Rosalind Gardner’s eBook on affiliate marketing called The Super Affiliate Handbook (SAH).  Many successful affiliate marketers refer to it as their #1 resource when they were first getting started.

So I thought I should read it basically to see whether or not I should recommend it to you because I already know all about affiliate marketing, right?  Wrong!

Now The Super Affiliate Handbook is my #1 resource on affiliate marketing too – I’m studying it!

This book is super comprehensive, starting from the beginning for new marketers.  Yet what I’m finding is that further into the book, it is extremely helpful for online marketers with a few years of experience like me.

So as a beginner, you will rapidly be taken into advanced training in affiliate marketing without even knowing it.  That’s because Gardner takes you step-by-step with screenshot images of how to proceed, click-by-click.  So my first recommendation to all of you as we continue this training together is to buy The Super Affiliate Handbook!

Affiliate Marketing Training

For those of you who are new to this training series here on my blog, be sure to read my first article, 7 Reasons To Start With Affiliate Marketing .

Banner Ads

Also, many times the product owner will create graphic images of their product for you with your affiliate link  embedded inside the HTML code of the graphic.

The image of The Super Affiliate Handbook above is an example of what many product owners provide for their affiliates.  It’s called a “banner ad.”  When you click the eBook image above, my affiliate link takes you to what’s called the “landing page.”  In this case, it is the product owner’s sales letter for the book.  It’s linked uniquely to me so that if you buy, I receive a commission of the sale.

The more targeted  internet traffic I bring to this sales letter page for Gardner’s eBook using my affiliate link, the more money I make.  Also, if you look in the navigation bar at the right of this post, you can scroll down to see several banner ads that have my affiliate link embedded in them.

Post One Of Your Affiliate Links In The Comment Section Below

In the comment section below,  I want you to put one affiliate link of yours in there.  Don’t ever do that on someone’s blog or on their Facebook page, etc. unless you are invited to do so.  Otherwise, it’s spam.  But I am inviting you to do it.  You can either put your affiliate link directly into the comment section or you can link to an article or blog post of yours where you are promoting a product using your affiliate link.  I’ll get back to you about any comments or questions you might have.  I’d love to hear from you!

Or if you have questions or thoughts about this eBook or about this type of marketing, by all means, leave me a comment even if you don’t post an affiliate link.  Because I would especially love to hear from new online marketers.  And remember, if you need click-by-click coaching, I’m just one click away from being your personal trainer!

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