Struggling Online? Go Back To The Future

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If you are struggling online to build a business of your own, chances are you can instantly stop struggling by going back to your dream – back to the future…

“The future is that time you wish you’d done what you’re not doing now…” anonymous  This quote doesn’t need to be true for you.

You can go out into the future now, see it the way you want, and begin working backwards to make it happen.  What do you want out of life?  Planning isn’t from start to finish.  It’s backwards from finish to start.

First the what, then the how.  What do you want in the future?

Focus On The Future

Picture your life – your personal life and your professional life –  as if you and those you love are living your dream now.  Working backwards from that desired outcome is strategic planning.  It’s designing a goal-oriented plan to make it happen.

We have to picture the future we want, know why we want it, and then plan for it with a To Do list.  Otherwise, work is just work – a grind, no fun, a constant struggle.  Constant frustration while building a business online is normal but you don’t have to be…

It’s possible to love what you’re doing even when what you’re doing hasn’t changed but instead is part of an action plan to get your business and your life “back to the future!”

It can be as simple and as powerful as developing one important habit: 

Plan Tomorrow Today

You can have the time of your life if you plan it.  But how to plan the time of your life isn’t just common sense.  It’s an entire study of how to look into the future in a way that is outcome-focused and results-oriented.  Making progress toward what you want is fun but doing the very same work for no reason isn’t.  “Why” definitely matters.

I think it was Peter Drucker who said “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”  Living on purpose changes constant struggle to strategic action.

The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

How detailed is your vision for the future – 20/20 or pretty blurred?  What does your dream business look like next year?  Some of the steps you’re taking now might be exactly what you need to do.  But you can enjoy the process so much more when you know where you’re going.

If you plan tomorrow today by strategically designing a To Do list that you actually do tomorrow, you won’t feel the struggle.  The same stuff that feels like business overwhelm today can feel like progress tomorrow if it’s part of a strategic plan for making your dreams come true.

I have a system that works for me.   When I’m feeling frustrated about work or life in general, it’s a welcome reminder that I’ve failed to plan my day based on my dream.

See, I don’t believe that the desires we have to make the world a better place are just goals, just something we made up.  I think the desires of our heart are gifts from God to guide us into our destiny. (Psalms 37)  But it’s our responsibility to carry them out.  That takes planning.  If you’d like some help with that, sign up for a free consult on strategic planning – it’s the stuff dreams are made of.

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