How To Start A Blogging Business

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Imagine having several blogs up and running, all on auto-pilot, bringing in a steady flow of income.  That’s not a hobby.  That’s a business!  Building a blogging business is actually a journey.  It’s a very exciting online adventure that many people begin by making a HUGE mistake…

Don’t Make This Blogging Mistake!

Begin with the end in mind,” as Steven Covey says but don’t begin at the end.  In the map to the right, the “You Are Here” spot is where so many new bloggers begin – they begin at the end, at the bottom of their marketing funnel instead of at the top.  Your sales funnel shouldn’t be your starting point.  In other words, merely trying to sell something to your readers is not how to begin a blogging business.

It’s a common mistake to write a lot of promotional blog content.  So, how do you start a successful blogging business?

Launching A New Blog – Where To Start

Step 1: Start your blogging business at the top of your marketing funnel.  The top of your marketing funnel is not your sales funnel.  In other words, start your online business with a blog that is all about a topic you intend to teach your target market about.  Don’t worry about selling anything in any of your first 10 posts.

Step 2: Share on Facebook – offer free educational information inside each of your first 10 blog posts and post the links to each one  on Facebook.  That will bring people into the TOP of your marketing funnel.  Spread out your Facebook status post of your blog across several days.  Don’t over-do it.  Stay social but now and then, add a link in your  status update.

Step 3: Create videos and upload them to YouTube.  Marketing anywhere should always begin with free valuable attractive offers.  So inside your new blog, write about your blog’s topic, then talk about it on video.  Put a video in each blog post, even if it’s not yours.

Search YouTube for your topic, find a video with a lot of views, copy the embed code and paste it at the end of your blog post using the HTML tab.

Content Syndication

When you use social media to attract people (and search engines) to your blog, you are actually practicing web content syndication.


Web content syndication is simply sharing internet content information with other people.  Search engines are paying very close attention to shared links across the world-wide-web.  It’s our online referrals that get attention.  Social proof has always been the most powerful indication that your work is good.  Nothing’s better than word-of-mouth advertising.

Now people can send a referral across the world in seconds by just sharing a link on facebook, a video on YouTube, and on 1000’s of other social media sites.

Blogging Categories:  Aim At The Target But Not The Bullseye

Don’t aim at too many topics inside one blog.  Search engines and real people need to be able to get an idea about the overall theme of your blog at first glance.  Blogging platforms allow you to categorize each post in your blog under broad topics that you choose.

Think of your target market and aim at the bulls eye when you write, then categorize (tag, label, etc.) each post into one of 4 or 5 major topics inside your blog.  Think of catagories as aiming at the outside ring of your target.  As you move in closer to the bull’s eye, each ring is a little more specific.

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