Search Engine Optimization 1.0 (Technical SEO) Plus SEO 2.0 (i.e. Social Media Optimization)

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Search engine optimization (SEO) can be broken down into the first generation of SEO, which is technical and the second generation of SEO which is social.

SEO Basics

The basics of search engine optimization are explained in an introductory video inside my Facebook “Blogging Basics” offer.  But you can also watch it here!

It’s what I call the “FUN-damentals of SEO” because they are fun!

This little 14 minute “chalk talk” is an overview of Module One in my Terrific Training Coaching Club.  It covers the FUN-damental basics of both technical and social optimization of your web content.

PS Don’t miss the end of this video.  It has a special surprise ending from me and Jimmy B.

So let’s get started!

SEO: Study The Basics

Unless we study SEO basics, we won’t understand the big picture of how to attract traffic, leads and sales.

Even before building a blog, or before choosing a target market and a niche, you will need an understanding of SEO basics.  It will help you in designing your sales funnel, your lead capture pages and your entire marketing strategy.

We can attract search engine attention and influence many people, getting high quality traffic, generating pre-qualified leads for our business using articles, videos and email, inviting them into our website all with the FUN-damentals of SEO!

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