Product Creation: The Video Launch

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Even the New York Times says the fastest growing segment of internet marketing is video and I quote,   “Online ads are booming IF they are attached to video.”

If you’ve bought internet marketing training lately,  the sales page was most likely a video with an optin form taking you to a series of free video tutorials, with the last free video making an offer you can’t refuse.  “Video sells better than anything, period!” That’s a quote from Andy Jenkins, THE Video Boss.

How many videos have you produced?  Do you have any virtual video real estate yet?  How about a YouTube Channel?  If the answer is no, you are NOT behind (yet)  That’s the great thing about video.  With today’s technology, all the scary reasons for not doing video are…


  • “Video is too competitive” – not!
  • “It’s too expensive” – not!
  • “It’s too hard” – not!
  • “Hate being on camera” – so does “The Video BOSS.”  He’s only been in 5 of more than 50 of his videos.  You don’t have to be on camera!
Andy Jenkins, The Video Boss

You can create your own video information product, launch it with a video series,  all at a very low cost, facing very little competition, and you don’t have to be on camera.

Plus, you can even generate traffic for free to advertise your product creation at high traffic video sites like YouTube.

The Video Launch – Begin With The End In Mind

Have you ever heard of “back-engineering?”  It’s a way to model success in great detail backwards.  If you buy a really good online course, you can back-engineer it by first beginning with the video launch.

Study the marketing strategy of a great launch step-by-step to find out what it was that caused you to buy.  Then, study what it was that caused you to place great value on what the course provided.

If you study great training and great marketing, you can model all the elements of success for your own course and product launch.

In Stephen Covey’s book, “7 Habits Of Highly Effective People,” he describes why beginning any project with the end in mind is so important.  He says to begin with the end in mind means to know where you’re going and where you are now.  That way, the steps you take toward your destination will be in the right direction.

So, imagine that you are at the end of your product launch and sales are coming in.  Picture yourself very excited, not just because of all the money rolling in but because you know that what they’ve purchased from you is excellent.  You know you’ve over-delivered and your buyers are getting more than they paid for.  You are thrilled because of the value they are getting as a result of what you have created.  People are clicking your “buy button” and happily trading their money for your product and you’re delighted because you know it will help them.

In other words, when you begin with the end in mind, how do you feel?  What have you accomplished and why is it important to you?  What’s the overall purpose of this success?

When you answer these questions before you even begin product creation, it will go a very long way toward making sure you know what you’re doing and why.  Highly effective people are outcome-focused (the what) and purpose-driven (the why.)

Stay tuned for Product Creation Part 5 where I will show you (using video, of course) how you can produce a high quality video and publish it on your own YouTube channel.



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