Product Creation Part 2: Share What You Know And Get Paid

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Product Creation Part 2 is about more than getting paid.  It’s about serving.  Let’s say you’re a mom and grandma.  You could write a book about what you’ve learned, right?  Why not publish what you know in order to help other moms and grandmothers?  Watch this…

Here’s another example.  Check this out…

Sharing what you know on video, in an eBook, an email, an article, in a blog, and publishing it can be intimidating but consider this…

Not too long ago, being published and put into syndication around the world for free was impossible!  Right now it’s not only possible, it’s incredibly easy.

Here’s my advice – do NOT put this off.

Start Here

What’s just one thing, out of probably hundreds of life experiences, that you wish you could share with the world?  It doesn’t have to be earth shaking and profound.  To get a few ideas, search the internet.  I found the websites above by just searching Google with this keyword phrase “being a mom and grandmother”

People are searching for what you know right now.  And they will pay for your help.  Information products are selling.  The basic laws of supply and demand are in your favor because the demand is high and the supply is low.  Starting an online business of your own can be a struggle, so many people give up.  Some quit before they start.  Don’t be one of them.  Start here, today.  Take 5 minutes and search the internet for something you’re interested in.

Pick something you already have quite a bit of knowledge about.  It could be something you know because of your career, your favorite hobby, anything you’ve learned because of your unique life experiences.  Pick something you’re passionate about and do a little market research.  See what you can find online.

Then tell me about it.  What would you like to share and sell?  Write your comments below.  Do you have a blog?  Have you made any videos?

Product Creation: Part 3 is next!

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