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Source: via Kim on Pinterest


“…around every corner is another great pin.”  Scott McDowell

You are right, Scott.  I found the really cool image above because Scott McDowell “pinned” it.  But I actually saw it because Kim Garst “re-pinned it.”  Notice how the image is “branded” by all 3,  Scott, Kim and Pinterest.

Is Pinterest the next big thing in social media marketing?  Can it bring in traffic to your website?  Well, because of this image, I visited Scott’s website today for the first time so I’d say the answer is yes!

Pinterest Is All About The Graphics – Images, Videos, etc.

I’m very new to Pinterest but I can see why it’s addicting.  At first glance, it’s like an online scrapbook.  That’s my first impression.  But it turns out to be much more.  Take for example how easy it was for me to add the really cool image above to this post.  It’s easy and it’s legal.

Now notice that the source is someone’s website.  Scott McDowell “pinned” the image not from his computer but from his website, which brands his site to the image.

If you click on the image above it actually takes you to Kim Garst’s profile inside Pinterest because she “re-pinned” Scott’s image.  To put the image here on my blog, I copied the embed code from Kim’s “pin board.”  Confusing?  I know.  I was too but I discovered something…

It’s better for branding purposes to “pin” my pictures not from my computer but from my website.  Below is an example of both – the large fountain pen was “pinned” :) – downloaded – from my PC and the small map was pinned using my web address.  Then, using the HTML code  from Pinterest, I added both images below.

Pinned From My PC

Note the source – it’s linked to my Pinterest profile but not to my website.  Now look at the 2nd image.  The source is this website – that’s better brand recognition, right?

Source: Uploaded by user via Terri on Pinterest

Image Pinned From This Blog

Source: via Terri on Pinterest (Pretty cool branding, don’t you think :)

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