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When I learned the mechanics of automated email marketing I was so excited!  I had finally figured out how to put a sign-up form on my website.  I was so proud of the words “Sign up for my free newsletter!”

It was a big deal for me because for the first time ever, part of my business was now set on auto-pilot.

I had a system.  It worked like magic!

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I had 3 email messages set-up that were all written from the heart – my welcome email, and 2 others.  Each one was scheduled to send to my new subscribers automatically as my very own newsletter!

I was so thrilled that I kept signing up on my own form just to see if it really worked :)

Like magic, it worked perfectly! Or so I thought…

Create More Than a Newsletter

The problem wasn’t obvious to me at first. Why didn’t more of my website visitors sign-up to receive my newsletter?  The answer was simple. It was because there’s very little magic left inside the words “Subscribe to My Newsletter!”  

Building a list of loyal subscribers who are interested in what your business has to offer is the goal.  So if you offer to give away something to them for free that is of value to them, it will attract people that your business was created to serve.

Take a few minutes to think about your future subscribers. What can you create as a free offer to help them?  A valuable free give away will build trust.

Your Free Offer – What’s Working Now

What’s working now?  Digital products are working best in 2017 because they are so easy to deliver instantly inside an email.   

Here are some examples that are working like magic right now!  
 a one page resource list like “7 Tips & Tools for Growing Your Business Online”
 a two page checklist like “Free Checklist for Wedding Planning”
 or a short “how to” video like ” How to Build Your List on LinkedIn”

An attractive free offer can be created in less time than you think and it’s well worth it.  It’s the MAGIC inside your email marketing machine that will eventually run on auto-pilot.


Learn more by taking advantage of my free offer :)  I want you to start attracting your ideal customers with my eleven simple steps to email marketing magic!  

Email Marketing Made Simple, Click-by-Click

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