The Time of Your Life

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It’s time to count our blessings in life and give thanks.  I love this time of year when our focus is Thanksgiving.  It’s also my favorite time to start planning for the new year.

Quite some time ago I discovered a very simple and powerful way of escaping the unending stress of “To Do Lists” and “New Years Resolutions!!”  Let me explain…

I am so thankful for the life management system I’m going to tell you about and Thanksgiving is the perfect time to share it with you.

Have you ever heard of OPA or RPM??

O.P.A. stands for Outcome-focused Purpose-driven Action plan.

R.P.M. stands for Rapid Planning Method.  It also stands for Results-focused Purpose-driven MAPping.

Both of these life management systems were created by Tony Robbins.  RPM is an updated version of OPA.  Counting my blessings during this time of year always includes giving thanks to God for people like him whose life’s work has been to be a force for good and a force for God.

Grace So Amazing

Right now at a time when we are celebrating all that we are thankful for, I encourage you to start planning for the future, in your professional life and your personal life.  Make no mistake… you were wonderfully and fearfully made with grace so amazing that when you tap into that, you will become less stressed and way more fulfilled – knowing that there is a purpose for your life.

The Time of Your Life

The Time of Your Life

Your Results-focused Purpose-driven Life



Change Your Focus – Change Your Life  (watch this 2 hour video)

I would love to help you plan for 2017.  Let’s add some RPM power to the time of your life.  Fill out the form for free customized coaching (click here).

Happy Thanksgiving!

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