Google+ Has 10 Million Users – Already?

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Google Plus is a fast growing social signal from a search engine giant.  Although Google’s primary business is all about the search, they’re also savvy about the social.  They want us to be very happy about the website pages they give us when we go to them for information.  But they also realize that website pages aren’t everything.  Little snippets of web content are becoming very important to internet users too.  And over the last few years, we  “vote” and “share” on everything.  Whether it’s a whole page with an http link or just a picture, tweet, or video – we tend to “share” what we “like.”

How often do you click the “like” button on Facebook?  How often do you tweet something with a link to a blog or product launch?  Likes and retweets function as a vote or a social signal that you think something is worth sharing.  The Google Plus project is similar but I think it might be a little bit more sophisticated – in a fun way…


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