Facebook Marketing: Sponsored Stories

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Facebook’s marketing platform continues to change and I think it’s just getting better and better.

On the left, you can see the results of a sponsored story I ran as an ad on Facebook.

For just $10 almost 3,000 people saw this post on FB as a small sponsored ad to the right of their screen.  14 people clicked the like button,  and my “engagement” of this page on Facebook went up to 121 with what FB calls “people talking about this.”

That’s a little bit of viral power with one status update that I only paid $10 for.

Yet very few marketers are aware of just how powerful a sponsored story can be.

Facebook Sponsored Stories Are Transforming Advertising

Watch this video as Jon Steinberg, the President of BuzzFeed in NYC, talks about the phenomenal position FB sponsored stories has right now in the marketing world.

Steinberg comments that advertising now with Facebook’s sponsored stories can be as transforming as it was when businesses changed from print ads to TV commercials!

3 Sponsored Story Set Ups : For More Fans, More Traffic, Or More Leads

Decide on your goal first.  One sponsored story can’t bring in all three goals.  Also decide on your budget.  I just use $10.  Be very certain that you have a realistic Facebook advertising budget and stick with it.  It’s very easy to just click the promote button and not have a plan. It’s almost too easy – don’t ask me how I know.

Another thing to know is that the “promote” arrow will only show up on your FB page status updates if you have 400 Fans or more.   When you click the down arrow, you have choices.  I always choose “people who like your page and their friends.”

More Traffic

For more traffic to your website, make sure the wording of your status update is short yet compelling enough for the click.  Then add the link to one of your blog posts that delivers what you’ve promised to share in your status update.

More Leads

For more leads do the very same thing but make sure the link is to either a lead capture form on your FB page or to a form on your website.  And remember than in both types of sponsored stories, the image is very important.  Especially if you want people to click on your sponsored story ad.  Otherwise they might just click on “like” or “comment.”

More Fans

However, getting likes and comments is a great way to add more fans if that’s your goal.  If you are just wanting to add fans to your page, set up your ad with just an image.  Instead of posting a link, upload a huge image and promote that status update.  It will invite people to like it.  They will naturally click the  like button on the ad which increases engagement that Facebook tracks.

The more engagement you have,   the more visibility you have on the Facebook home page, i.e. the news feed.  So if your goal is more fans, upload a huge image instead of a link.  Huge images work very well in the news feed and in sponsored story ads to add more likes and fans to your page.

Need help with Facebook Marketing?

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