Facebook’s Viral Referral System

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If you are trying to juggle a bunch of social media marketing platforms out there, you can improve your juggling skills with a little help from Facebook’s viral referral system.  It’s even more powerful now than just a few months ago.

Even though Facebook began as a social platform, it’s now probably the most powerful marketing platform out there for new online entrepreneurs.  If you want to attract business first to you and then to your products and services, then there’s no better way to reach your target market.  Why?  Because once you have a few Facebook fans, the power of online referrals kicks in!

Facebook Viral POWER

Here’s my Facebook formula for marketing now and it’s working like a charm!  I’m using pay-per-click ads now that link to custom landing tabs on my FB page.  If you don’t do that, it will cost you.  Facebook rewards you with lower advertising costs as long as you keep people from leaving Facebook with your ads.

And not only that, they will also provide social proof on your ad if you don’t link to a website outside of Facebook.  It’s called “Social Reach.”  If you look at these charts you can see that “Reach” is the number of impressions and “Social Reach” is the number of people who saw the names of their friends.

Social Reach

Notice that in the pop-up window, if you are not using Facebook as the landing page for your ad, you won’t have social reach.

That’s the formula for Facebook’s marketing vehicle that will out-run all the rest.  I’m convinced that if you’re in the social media marketing race, you will get faster and faster results IF you use Facebook’s viral referral system.

You can get faster and faster results using Facebook advertising the social way.  If you focus on what I call a social subtle selling approach, you will turn clicks into customers.  Why?  Because of the enthusiasm of your fans. 

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