Facebook Status Updates: “The Next Wave…”

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I do a lot of paid advertising on Facebook because it works for me.  But I am getting very excited about what Brian Moran of “Get 10,000 Fans” calls the next wave of massive changes coming to Facebook.  Moran recently turned off all of his paid advertising campaigns inside Facebook in order to test a new free Facebook marketing strategy.

Facebook Status Updates:  “The Timeline OPT-IN”

So now I’m testing Moran’s new strategy.  It’s a status update theory that uses his “Timeline OPT-IN” template.  The template is a Facebook timeline landing tab that is designed with a simple headline at the top, a video on the left, and on the right – a red arrow and an opt-in box.  I don’t have a video for this tab yet so I’m just using an image.  You can see the screenshot of my new “Timeline OPT-IN” tab below:

Looks like I know a lot of HTML code, right?  But I don’t.  I used Brian’s template and simply followed instructions.  The next thing I did, following Brian’s instructions, was to post a picture on Facebook with a link to my new tab.

Here’s what that Facebook status update looks like…

That one status update above brought in one free lead within a few hours.  The next thing I did was to use a different image the next day that links to the same tab and so on.  That’s just one of the tricks you’ll learn in the video at the top of this article.

I know this looks difficult but it isn’t as hard to do as it might seem because as always, Brian Moran’s Facebook marketing courses are packed with step-by-step video tutorials that have helped me generate free leads lately so I couldn’t be more pleased!

Even if you don’t buy the course, watch Moran’s entire video at the top of this article for great free training.  But I recommend that you buy the course.  Click here for my affiliate link==>> Moran’s Facebook Status Updates course.  Take advantage the new marketing features inside Facebook.  It’s amazing!

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