Facebook’s New Graph Search Can Be A Little Spooky

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Using Facebook’s new graph search can be a little SPOOKY if you tell Facebook everything.

Even if you’re like me and spend very little time socializing on Facebook, it’s still a little creepy what we can find out about each other using graph search.

So be careful what you “like” and who your “friends” are, because all of it shows up now in just a few clicks.  I used to confirm all friend requests.  I don’t now.

Marketing On Facebook

All that being said, I am pretty excited though about the new graph search as a marketing tool.

Here’s an example – if you own a pizza parlor and have a Facebook Business page, your business will stand out, big time.

Of all the pizza places in Chicago, look how these two stand out because of their Fan pages.

Graph search is the same search feature that’s been at the top of Facebook’s site for a long time but now it’s expanded.  Here’s how Facebook is promoting their new graph search feature – “Introducing Graph Search.”

The promotion is pretty simple.  It tells Facebook users that now it’s easier to “find people who share your interests, find restaurants your friends like,” etc.  I can see a lot of potential for businesses and service providers to gain visibility in graph search, IF they have a Facebook Business page with search terms in the name.

One more thing to note is that graph search results for you will be uniquely your results.  When you use graph search, your results are strictly based on what Facebook knows about you and your likes, your business pages, your profile page, photos, status updates, your friends, your fans, etc.

Learning to use graph search might seem a little spooky at first, but getting to know more about your target market has always been  important in business.  It’s the kind of information we need to provide the best products and services that actually help the real people in our niche.

There are so many possible graph search combinations that can be very helpful for you as you market your business on Facebook.  So give it a try and leave me a comment on how it’s working for you.


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