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I’m a big fan of Facebook for business.  It’s never been easier to get the word out about your business, products and services – especially if you are new to online marketing.

One big reason I can say that with confidence is because of all the recent changes to Facebook’s marketing platform.

Start Here…

I used to train all of my clients to start with content marketing by setting up a WordPress blog.  Now we set that up after building a following on Facebook.

So many internet marketers complain about the constant changes and believe me, I totally understand that.  It’s not easy to keep up.  Plus, any thing new that Facebook rolls out always has a few glitches so it can be extremely frustrating.  But compared to what their marketing platform was even just a year or two ago, what they have now is nothing short of phenomenal.

Facebook For Business: Step One

So what do you do first if you’ve decided to use Facebook for promoting your business.  Many people do not have a personal “Facebook Profile.”  So they never socialize on Facebook because they can’t without signing up and creating an account.  I know a whole lot of people that have not created an account with Facebook.  I don’t socialize much on social media either.  But I do encourage anyone who wants to learn marketing online to begin with Facebook.

So that’s Step One: Create A Facebook Account.2014-03-15_0849When you create your account with Facebook, they give you a “profile page” and your own personal “newsfeed” page.  Both of these are connected to the email address you used in order to receive your Facebook login details via email.  In order to use Facebook for business, you have to first have a personal profile.  Only then can you create Facebook business pages.

Many business owners use their personal profile to promote their business.  That’s not how Facebook is set up and it’s not best practice as you will see in my next article in this series.  So, back to Step One…

To create your Facebook account, go to www.Facebook.com and sign up.  After that, each time you go to www.Facebook.com, if you are logged in, you will be on your own personal “newsfeed.” This is your “home” page.  In the large center column of your newsfeed Facebook will display status updates of your Facebook “friends” and status updates of any business pages you have clicked “LIKE” on. 2014-facebook_newsfeed

Facebook For Business: Step Two

There are a ton of businesses that do not have a “Facebook Business Page.”  As a business owner, if you can relate, there’s no reason to believe that you are too late to get in on what Facebook can do for your business.

You’re not behind.  One very successful marketing expert only recently decided to use Facebook for business.  And his recent quote is so remarkable coming from him that I have written it below in bold because it is a very bold statement.

“Facebook Is Now Capable Of Delivering Leads, Buyers and Sales In Volumes Not Possible Even 6 Months Ago…”

Stay tuned for my next blog post: “Your First Facebook Business Page”  Until then, visit my personal Facebook profile page at www.facebook.com/terri.stallcop and add me as a friend!


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