Your First Facebook Business Page

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Step One: The Social Platform

To create your first business page inside Facebook you first have to have an account with Facebook.  2015-04-18_1203That’s Step One – see what I mean here>>Facebook For Business-Step One.  Your account creates your personal profile page which is designed as a social platform, not a platform for promoting your business.

But Facebook has a fabulous marketing platform that is so cost-effective and can be so targeted to your ideal customer, it is nothing short of phenomenal.   I like to call it Facebook’s marketing SPEEDway because once you learn how to use the FB marketing platform, you can get into the fast lane of social media marketing right along side big business – for the same price!  It’s free!  You can have as many business pages as you want for free.  Absolutely amazing…

Step Two: The Marketing Platform

If you’ve never created your first Facebook Business Page, often called a Facebook Fan Page, then you don’t have access to their entire marketing platform, at least not in the way that it’s been designed.  Facebook designed your profile page as your social platform.  Their business page design is set up in such a way that you gain access to all of their marketing platforms, both free organic promotion of your business and their paid advertising platform.

Creating Your First Facebook Fan Page For Business Promotion

Here’s my FB rule of thumb:

  • Your personal profile should be 2/3 social engagement and only 1/3 business
  • Your business pages can be 2/3 business but be at least 1/3 strictly social

Follow the steps in the video below..  name your business page!  Facebook automatically “publishes” your page but unless you promote it, it will likely never be seen.  So go ahead and create it now and when you’re ready, I’ll show you the best way to promote it.

Using Facebook For Business – Step Two ; Your First Business Page

Now, take a look at several business pages that relate to what you want to promote.  If you are thinking about promoting your coaching business or you are a small business owner, head on over to my Facebook Business Page.

Click below and study the differences my business page and my profile page.  Everyone has only one profile page but you will eventually have several business pages.  Become a fan of my business by clicking the “Like” button here >> on my business page and become a friend of mine by clicking “add friend” here>> on my profile page.

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