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Hello Fellow Entrepreneur!

Do you sometimes feel like you are all over the map when it comes to marketing online?

I’d like to help you map out a marketing plan for your business, beginning with where you are right now.

Internet marketing for solo entrepreneurs is a very difficult journey when you are trying to do everything yourself.  It can be overwhelming because there are so many places to go.

Should you start with a website or with social media?  Or do you begin at the end – your sales funnel?  All good questions…

Navigating The Internet Without A Map Can Lead To Many Unnecessary Detours

Even if you have a map, without an experienced guide, the journey will always cost more time and money than you need to spend.  Before I hired my first coach, I had spent so much time and money learning a LOT…  but getting nowhere.

Every internet marketing course I paid for left me feeling lost in a foreign land.  I couldn’t speak the language well enough to ask for directions.  It just seemed that somehow, I had been left behind.

But every beginner is by definition, inexperienced.  I discovered that I was not any different than any other person new to marketing online.  Feeling lost is normal at first.  There are too many choices.  I just needed someone to point out where I had taken a wrong turn.  Someone more experienced to take me through the maze of internet marketing step-by-step.

So I Hired a Coach – a Personal Trainer… 

Within the first hour of one-on-one coaching I could see where I’d gone off course.  It was such a relief to know what I needed to do next.  I didn’t realize how much stress I was under.  Feeling lost ALL of the time is horrible.  Why did I wait so long to get help?

I’ve taken so many wrong turns trying to find my way, wondering why I couldn’t reach my goals.  Now I know why.  It’s like everything else.  The best training can only come from working with someone more experienced.

As a nursing director and critical care instructor, I knew that.  We always provided an experienced preceptor to every new nurse.

In any career, it is much better to work side-by-side with someone who knows what they’re doing before trying to succeed alone.

Stop Feeling Lost

Give me a call right now – 15 minute consults are always free.  Let’s find out if I would make a good personal trainer for you.  I’ll ask a few questions about where you are right now as an online entrepreneur.  Are you just starting out?  Or are you like I was – learning a lot but still feeling lost?

Even if we just take a short trip together with me as your guide, you will be amazed at how much more productive and fun your internet marketing journey can be!

So call me!

I look forward to hearing from you!

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