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Building a business now-a-days should almost always include having a website that also has a “blog.”  Blogging is actually the journal for your business similar to magazines you find on the rack at the grocery store.  The main difference is exposure.  With a blog you can get exposure on the internet that is world-wide.

The technical side of blogging includes search engine optimization (SEO 1.0)  You want your blog to be search engine friendly.  When the robots owned by Google, Bing and Yahoo check out your blog, it’s important that the intent and structure of your blog is clear.  When your blog is indexed by the search engines, your ideal customer can find you when they search the internet for what your blog has to offer.

The social side of blogging is just as powerful and perhaps more even more effective in reaching your ideal customer.  Social media marketing can be considered as SEO 2.0 because the search engine robots also pay close attention to your website/blog engagement on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

Blogging is a very exciting online adventure!  But many people begin by making a HUGE mistake…

Don’t Make This Blogging Mistake!

Begin with the end in mind,” as Steven Covey says but don’t begin AT the end – meaning your sales funnel.  In the map to the right, the “You Are Here” spot is where so many new bloggers begin – they begin at the end, at the bottom of their marketing funnel instead of at the top. Your sales funnel shouldn’t be your starting point. In other words, merely trying to sell something to your readers is not how to begin a blog.

Begin with Style

It’s a common mistake to begin with selling instead of with style.  It’s no longer in vogue to begin with a hard sell.  Begin with technical strategies and with social media, both for your readers and for search engine optimization. (SEO)  In other words, it takes a while for Google to list your blog but your social media presence shows up pretty quick.

Step 1:  Start with Facebook

Create a Facebook Business Page before you start a blog.  I know.  It sounds backwards but it works.  It actually gives you a fast-start for marketing your business because you need to experiment with your creative side before starting your website/blog.  Find your own unique style by adding images, video and written content to your Facebook Business Page.  Note:  Don’t use your Facebook profile to introduce your business.

Before you begin, review the business pages other businesses have on Facebook.  Find several that you like and model those as you create your own.  Don’t outsource this very important introduction platform for your business.  Make it your own creative work.

As an example, I like Marie Forleo.  She has developed her own unique style and influences my style of images, writing and selling.  You can check out Marie’s Facebook Business Page here.

Your blogging style will evolve from what you discover from your fans on Facebook.  Your “fans” are the people who “like” your Facebook Business Page.   Experimenting on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. can actually save time.  Because without social media feedback, you might create a blog that isn’t what your target audience needs or wants.

Step 2: Start blogging!  I recommend  Find a theme that fits your style and write 10 blog posts without trying to sell anything.

Offer free educational information inside each of your first 10 blog posts and post the links to your Facebook Business page on a routine schedule.  Spread them out over several days and see which posts generate the most engagement from your fans.

Step 3: Have fun with the blog part of your website.  Remember the 3 E’s – education, engagement and entertainment.  Remember, the blog part of your website is your business journal – your “magazine” with great pictures and articles.

Ready, Aim, Write

You’re ready!  Keep writing and testing to see what your target audience (your potential customers) respond to the most.  Make sure the people you are bringing to your blog are learning to know, like and trust you.  That’s your goal.  Be yourself, have fun, work hard, educate, engage, and entertain.  Sooner than you think, you will attract people who want to do business with you.


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