Being Authentic Online Is NOT Easy

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Being authentic online is critical but not as easy as it sounds.  I thought I was quite good at being myself in all of my blog posts until I recently went back to some of my older articles.

I remember working really hard on every one of those posts to provide valuable content and yet when I read them now, the good content is over-shadowed by lofty sentences that sound like a carnival barker.  (Photo by John Waters, 1927: W.C. Fields as carny Gabby Gilfoil in “Two Flaming Youths”)

Much to my surprise and embarrassment, I have too many old articles that are literally FULL of hype.  How does that happen?  I hate hype.

When I read an article by Geoff Talbot, a guest author at, it helped me understand why so many of us starting out as new bloggers fall into the trap of not being as authentic online as we think we are.  In Talbot’s article, he shares 3 of his secrets beginning with what he calls “Leave The Sidewalk.”  I call it “Stop Barking!”

Three Terri-fic Tips

Tip #1 Stop Barking

Talbot says we have to get off the sidewalk trying to sell to every one who passes by.  His advise is to go back indoors, into your “why I’m in business” inspiration, where the air is clean and not polluted with hype.

Tip #2  Share The Warmth

When our authentic reasons for offering our products and services to others are front and center of everything we do, it’s so unique and inviting that people notice the warmth.  Talbot says, “You don’t need to shout anymore, your authenticity, the smell, the warmth of your genuine self, will do all the talking for you.”

Tip #3   Use Your Inside Voice

We have to get the word out about what we offer.  Marketing is a good thing.  But there’s no need to shout, especially now that social media marketing is a reality.  Being authentic online takes practice and determination to be the best “you”  that your business can be, using your inside voice.  Stay true to what’s on the inside and your customers will spread the word for you.

I’d like to say thanks to Geoff Talbot for his authentic presence online.  Please be sure to also visit his website at




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