7 Reasons To Start With Affiliate Marketing

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For new internet marketers, affiliate marketing can provide what every start-up business has to have in order to stay in business, and that is…  cash flow.  Many new online entrepreneurs make the mistake of not sticking with what works to bring in cash to their business at the beginning.  I don’t mean profitability.  I mean your first sale.  Affiliate marketing can do that for you fairly quick as a new online marketer if you focus on that first.

Plus, it can give you some much needed confidence when you make your first affiliate commission.  I still remember my first few sales as a newbie.  I was selling someone else’s eBook.  My commission was 50% of a $67 sale – $33.50.  I sold three fairly quick – and  I was thrilled!  I remember thinking,  “I really CAN make money online!!” 

Pick The Right Product With A Great Sales Cycle

I went on to make over a $1000 in commissions just by getting better at promoting that one eBook because the author of it was such a great marketer.  She had a killer sales cycle in place.  All I had to do was get enough people into her marketing funnel and her system did the rest.

In other words, I only had to focus on one part of the sales cycle – traffic.

The trick to making affiliate marketing work for you is to:

  1. Research – Find a few great products with killer marketing systems already built in.
  2. Stay Focused – Once you make your first sale, stay with it.  Rinse and repeat.
  3. Partner Up – Partnering up with people to sell their products and services associates you with them.  Choose wisely.

7 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Online Business With Affiliate Marketing

  1. Cash flow, not profitability, is a critical factor in any business start-up.
  2. A  proven sales cycle is already in place.  You don’t have to create it.
  3. The product,  program or service is already developed and in production.
  4. Start up costs are low because all you need is training and internet access.
  5. You don’t have to handle the sales transaction.  It’s done for you.
  6. Finding something to sell that fits with your interests is easy to do online.
  7. Your market reach isn’t just local, it’s global.

The other thing that was so important for me when I was new is that there wasn’t any sales experience required.  I certainly didn’t have any experience or training in sales or marketing before selling those eBooks.  Without that early success experience of making money online, I’m not sure that I would have kept going.

Start with affiliate marketing and if you need help from me, remember that you are just one click away from customized coaching.

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